Dr. George Waring III


Business Services


Dr. Waring through Waring Editorial currently offers services beyond his academic and Journal of Refractive Surgery activities:

  • For clinical trials
  • Outcomes analysis in conjunction with statisticians
  • Structure of articles in preparation for peer reviewed publication in conjunction with staff writers
  • Editorial refinement of manuscripts
  • Assistance processing manuscripts through the peer review process
  • Clinical trails design in conjunction with the sponsor
  • Editorial revision and refinement of existing manuscripts for peer reviewed publication
  • Authored more than 260 peer reviewed scientific articles, over 250 other articles, and two 1000+ page textbooks on refractive surgery


  • Serves as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases for both defendants and plaintiffs.
  • Trained through numerous courses on expert witnessing from SEAK, Inc. taught in association with Steven Babitsky, Esq. (www.seak.com).